Our ties are made from the purest silk and carefully crafted for a look of brilliance. Our English designers and makers are among the most gifted in the industry. A tie from Manuela Lusso will make others turn their heads on the streets, attract attention in the meeting room and bring cheerful smiles on your wedding day.


When it comes to adding charm to an outfit, there’s nothing like a good pair of English-made cufflinks. Perfect for formal wear as well as business attire. These gems feature both classic and contemporary designs which appeal to every age range. Set yourself apart in the boardroom, wedding or business function with a stunning cufflink from Manuela Lusso.


Our range of fashionable face coverings / masks come in many different patterns and designs, perfect for matching to an outfit or brightening up your day. Our Liberty Print Face Masks are proving to be a popular choice, they are easy to wear to help prevent the spread of this virus.

We have therefore designed and made some stylish face masks for men and women in 100% cotton fabrics that can be easily washed and re-used.