Have you ever wondered about the connection between a great quality bespoke suit, shirt or jacket? The answer is how our clothing makes us feel from the inside, pushing outwards through the clothing we wear, represented by our very own personal style. Manuela Lusso has expertise in making high-end tailored suits of superior quality using the very best fabrics including wool, silk, tweed, flannel, linen, cotton, cashmere and mohair.
With Manuela Lusso you will receive a personalised approach to tailoring. Producing an impeccable, high quality item which you will love for years to come. The entire process from made to measure through to production takes up to 6 weeks, with Manuela Lusso looking after every step to ensure the creation of the most perfect, bespoke clothing item. Manuela Lusso specialises in menswear fashion, offering a full experience, which becomes a way of life. Identity and self-expression will never come with more ease. We want men’s fashion to continue to be fun and enjoyable.

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Tel: 02038422173
Email: info@manuelalusso.com