With Manuela Lusso, you will spend time looking through the finest fabrics available to create an item which not only oozes a Luxury look and feel, but meets your personal style, eye to eye. Your clothing will show the world who you are. Matching your bespoke suit with the perfect silk tie or special cuff links, will help to bring your bespoke suit to life. Spending the time to achieve the perfect look will create a ripple effect which will not only empower you to feel your very best, but will also encourage others around you to also step out into the world and represent their own unique fashion style.
If you know a colleague, friend or member of the family who would love a tailor made, bespoke, clothing item. Please reach out and contact us. If they proceed with an order, we will make a bespoke shirt worth £180 just for you. A perfect item to add to your growing collection from Manuela Lusso.

Contact us at:
Tel: 02038422173
Email: info@manuelalusso.com