How it works

Book your appointment

Step 1

Your experience with Manuela Lusso starts with a personalised visit.
We can arrange a visit to a location within the United Kingdom or internationally by appointment, subject to an agreed fee.

We offer a complimentary private consultation at a location of your choice, be it an office or private club.
Simply book within 24 hours of your preferred date so that we can fully prepare for your appointment.

Get Measured

Step 2

During your appointment, you will have the opportunity to look at a selection of our finest fabrics sourced from all over the world.
we will also discuss your unique requirements, including the purpose, fit, fabric, style and any special features you may desire.
In order to take accurate measurements, you will be fitted with a sample item of clothing. After taking your measurements and discussing the details, your order will be placed.

Enjoy your perfect fit

Step 3

We aim to deliver your customised garment within 5-6 weeks. If the fitting process reveals a need to make alterations, we will arrange them with our tailor to ensure we achieve the very best result.

Exceptional service. Exclusive Designs. Timeless outfits.

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