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Bespoke Suits

The made-to-measure experience

A well-made suit is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, reflecting his professionalism, good taste and personal style. Every suit is unique in terms of style and fit to its owner and can be tailored in a single or double-breasted style with a simple, half or full canvas construction. We want to build a personal style for every client and thus offer a great variety of lapel, vents, working cuffs, pockets, colour lining and other features that help our client personalise his style.

Whether it is your special wedding day, important business meeting or exclusive event coming, we will make sure that you look smart, stylish and confident.

Manuela Lusso Bespoke Suits of London
Bespoke Shirts London Tailor

Bespoke Shirts

classic and stylish

The ultimate cotton shirts are must-haves for every gentleman’s wardrobe. Classic fit and cut by hand to follow the body’s contours make sure that you feel comfortable, but in style. The finest cotton with a two-fold composition and every button sewn on one by one for strength prove the worth of bespoke menswear.

Our bespoke shirts are made from 100% Egyptian cotton that is renowned for its texture and durability. We proudly offer nearly 100 options in shirt features including a collar style and length, buttons and buttonholes, monograms, back pleats and the shoulder fit.

The bespoke shirt is a perfect introduction to the luxury world of fine tailoring. We use premium quality fabrics and have hundreds of designs, colours and weights to choose from in order to make sure that your bespoke experience is always pleasant.

Blazers & Sports Jackets

The made-to-measure experience

The versatility of bespoke blazers and sports jackets makes them a wardrobe staple. Whether you want to sharpen up a casual outfit or show your individual style, a perfectly fitted blazer, made from the finest fabrics with styling details is the classic investment piece.

A blazer should be worn as a garment on its own – do not take a jacket from one of your suits because they look more formal than their bespoke blazer counterparts and do not pair well with a more relaxed cut of trousers. If you are looking for a less formal but smarter than sports jackets option, we highly recommend that you invest in a nice bespoke blazer.

If you wish to smarten up your outfit, our sports jackets, tailored perfectly for a comfortable and stylish fit, will be a good option for you . We design and produce a diverse collection of menswear to suit all tastes, working closely to achieve the perfect look for our clients.

Bespoke Blazers Sports Jackets London
Bespoke Tuxedo Made to Measure London

Tailored Tuxedos

Formal Elegance

Do you have an occasion calling for an elegant and timeless tuxedo? You are at the right place. The simplicity of the elegant style means that the cutting is all important. We ensure that every formal garment we make, nods to its classical roots, but also has a timeless design. With us, your style will never be dated.

You deserve the best, so don’t settle for anything less for the most important occasions.


Your big day

Whether it is your big day or you are celebrating some one else’s special day, you deserve to look your best.

Our clothiers at Manuela Lusso will work with you to produce an exceptional, timeless outfit that is personal to you and that you will look back on with great satisfaction in years to come.

For an extra special occasion, it makes sense to opt for a bespoke and truly elegant garment.

Wedding Suits and Formal Elegance
Bespoke Overcoats Made to Measure

Smart Overcoats

The made-to-measure experience

No wardrobe is complete without a bespoke overcoat to keep you stylish, warm and dry throughout the colder months because an overcoat is what makes the first impression.  Made from the finest materials, from the most robust wool to the lightest cashmeres, each bespoke coat is a personal expression that transcends mere function.

You may prefer a more fitted coat as an alternative to a winter jacket and wish to wear it over a suit or a sweater with jeans  – the choice is entirely yours. The design of an overcoat always involves close collaboration between a client and a tailor. We will guide you through the design choices and fabrics available, ensuring the perfect fit and the unique style. Whether you want a traditional or more modern bespoke overcoat, we will happily tailor it for you.


Add an extra touch
English Made Silk Ties

Our ties are made from the purest silk and carefully crafted for a look of brilliance. Our English designers and makers are among the most gifted in the industry. A tie from Manuela Lusso will make others turn their heads on the streets, attract attention in the meeting room and bring cheerful smiles on your wedding day.

Exquisite Cufflinks
We also offer an exquisite collection of English-made hand crafted cufflinks. These gems feature both classic and contemporary designs which appeal to every age range. Set yourself apart in the boardroom, wedding or business function with a stunning cufflink from Manuela Lusso.

For a truly personalised and distinctive look, we can create a monogram of your initials, alias or any short message. Monograms can be sewn on the top of any bespoke products, including suits, jackets, trousers, coats, shirts and ties. These can be done in a variety of fonts and colours to satisfy the client’s needs and preferences.

Accessories Silk Ties Cufflinks

We use only the world's finest fabrics

Quality, Luxurious and High End
Loro Piana Fabric Cashemere and Wool

Loro Piana

Wool and Cashmere Fabric

One of the world’s finest producers of high-end luxury wool and cashmere fabrics.

Our full range of luxury fabrics from Loro Piana can be expertly tailored to give our discerning customers unique bespoke menswear that makes an unmistakable statement of the sheer class. Whether it is a suit used for business or special occasions, Loro Piana fabrics will never fail to set your appearance apart from your peers.

Holland & Sherry

Pioneer of luxury fabrics

One of the most respected and revered manufacturers of ultra high-quality garments in the world with a heritage of over 180 years, Holland & Sherry is a true pioneer of luxury fabrics for over six generations.

A bespoke tailored garment made from luxury Holland & Sherry fabrics is truly a worthwhile investment with long-lasting returns of comfort and class.

It is a pleasure for us to present the Holland & Sherry fabric options available and help you make the right choice to express your unique style.

Holland & Sherry Fabric
DUGDALE Bros Co fabric worsted wool

Dugdale Bros & Co

High Quality Worsted Wool

Dugdale Bros & Co. are cloth merchants based in Yorkshire, England, offering an impressive collection of high-quality fabrics to the best tailors worldwide for more than 120 years.

Harnessing centuries of experience producing worsted wool in the renowned Yorkshire Garment industry, together with new and contemporary flexibility in design, Dugdale has won high praise for the exceptional quality of its fabrics.

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