One of the most famous jackets in the world, the Bomber Jacket has been given a new look by craftsmen at Manuela Lusso.

It is a classic jacket but available to you in your personal choice of fabric, colour and texture. Cotton, silk, moleskin, cord…in fact any one of our incredible range of fabrics. And do not forget you can also specify an exotic lining from our exciting and exclusive range.

The Manuela Lusso Bomber Jacket takes an icon even further – fully customised to your personal style. Combine your jacket with the right pair of sneakers for a sophisticated casual look. Or dress it up with a shirt for a smart-casual look.

It really is the last word in luxury and practicality. It’s an iconic menswear piece that over the decades has remained a key jacket in every man’s wardrobe.


A Safari Jacket or Military style field jacket is usually made from a tough cotton or cotton-blend fabric formed into a loose-fitted mid length garment with four bellows pockets. Different materials can provide different effects. Linen ages well, making for a jacket that will take on a timeworn look while suede has more of an evening wear feel for a smarter wardrobe.

Much like other pieces you can dress the safari jacket both up and down. Whether you wear it over a shirt, knitted tie and dark flannel trousers to appear smart or with white jeans and deck shoes for a Riviera feel. 

Manuela Lusso will help you chose from a wide range of fabrics and fully customise to your personal style.


The Overshirt is big news this year as it is a very practical garment developed from a rugged working shirt.

Fashioned in a fine but hard wearing fabric of your choice and tailored to fit like a dream, it becomes a casual but indefinably smart outfit for the office or an evening out. The accessories will dictate.

We would recommend the overshirt in cord, cotton, denim, moleskin or linen.


The Original Chino was a cotton twill trouser worn by the Spanish army in the 19th Century. The twill fabric came from China or ‘Chino’ in Spanish. Even today the Chino is characteristically a rugged twill fabric but today we source our twill from Great Britain and Italy.

All cotton and linen fabrics are available. In winter one can also use other fabrics to create a stylish alternative to jeans during colder days.


In these more casual times the drawstring trousers has found its way back into our smart casual trousers.  In combination with a looser fit, it appears to be wonderfully comfortable. 

Dress them up with an unstructured blazer or with a more laid-back feel, making them an excellent everyday option.

In a cotton twill or linen for the summer, available in a wide range of fabrics and colours. We will happily tailor it for you to archive a sophisticated, yet comfortable look and feel.