Having the confidence, self-assurance and fashion creativity to just be yourself are attributes many aspire to have. Expression through your fashion style, (bespoke suits, tailor made to measure) remains a huge gift, which permeates throughout your life. It is something to be cherished, take further and ‘exploit’ in the most intelligent and sophisticated way.
The team at Manuela Lusso empowers you to be in charge of your made to measure fashion. Any menswear or tailor design should always include your thoughts around design and fashion, pro- cess, preferences or taste. Choice and quality of fabric is essential, at Manuela Lusso, we have an array of fabrics to choose from, from wool, cashmere, mohair, flannel, tweed, cotton, linen or silk.
Fashion trends are incredibly useful as a guide, pull inspiration from them and build this into the clothing you want to wear. It is much more productive and empowering to wear something items which will last throughout your life and help the world to understand who you are, through your very own personal style. Learn to master your own fashion. 

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