Manuela Machthuemer

Founder, Director & Head Designer
Brief info

Manuela has worked with world famous, luxury brands for the past 18 years and now designs and produces bespoke menswear for an elite clientele. Manuela's perfectionism, passion, creativity and dedication coupled with a highly talented team of tailors, places Manuela Lusso at the forefront of the bespoke industry.

Manuela Machthuemer, our founder and head designer, dedicated her life to art and creating exceptional made-to-measure menswear. With her gifted team of tailors, Manuela Lusso is well steeped in the traditions of bespoke men’s attire.

Manuela’s career started as an ardent painter. However, as she grew older, she began to move away from sculpting and painting still life objects  and portraits to the world of fashion design. As she continued to refine her craft, it was evident that her passion was men’s suits, shirts and ties. Working with the top luxury brands as Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi to Savile Row’s famous stores, Manuela clad London’s elite men.

As time progressed, she embraced new challenges in the bespoke industry, leading to four different assignments at the London flagship store for some of the most luxurious brands in the world. Her ultimate desire was to start a company that could offer the best in class Men’s bespoke suits. With over 18 years in the bespoke industry, Manuela Lusso was founded.

Today, Manuela Lusso London is the epitome of bespoke excellence. Being a perfectionist, Manuela has put together a team comprising some of the most gifted bespoke tailors in the world. Together with their outstanding talent, Manuela has assembled the finest selection of fabrics that have ever been created. Attention to detail is her forte and client satisfaction is always foremost in her mind.