The idea of a man’s suit, which consists of a jacket and matching trousers made of the same garment, is largely credited to the British, rooted in 400 years of history. Having experienced several evolutionary changes throughout the last four centuries, the most significant evolution occurred in the early 19th century where the elements of the modern suit was popularised, which created huge demand among European men.

This demand ushered in a new era of grooming and style where men increasingly sought attire which were well tailored, personalised and unique. Today, British and European Men in London are showing increasing demands for a more personal connection with their clothing and are consulting experts in bespoke tailoring to achieve their own personal style.

Bespoke tailoring gathers the concept of traditional, impeccable craftsmanship and pride. There is something special about the process of being measured, choosing the details such as the right shoulder line, the lapel, the silhouette, going for fittings and culminating in an impeccable finish. The client benefits from a level of attention to detail and quality from skilled workers, that is simply not possible in a ready-to-wear garment.

Made-to-measure tailoring is a process which allows our experts to take accurate measurements of the client to tailor a suit in an agreed style, with a truly exceptional fit. Tailors who are gifted and passionate about their craft, make suits that fit perfectly, often without the need for alterations.

Manuela Lusso London is one of the leading bespoke retailers of menswear in London. Our tailored outfits are made from more than 5000 of the world’s finest fabrics for any formal or casual occasion: business and public speaking, family celebrations, weddings, sports events and exclusive private parties. 

Choose the cut that suits your unique style best, and our gifted tailors will make a striking outfit for you!

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