It is far too easy to think of tailoring as something which is not for everyone. Tailoring and bespoke suits can become part of daily working life, socialising or networking, and it’s much easier than you may think. We think nothing of visiting our preferred retailer or booking our dream holiday online. It is just as essential to view bespoke suits, tailoring, fitting, quality design and jackets in the same way, by taking the same selective approach. Choice provides a sense of reward and satisfaction and will create genuine feel-good fashion and design inspiration in your life. Your key London based client is unlikely to feel at ease during a meeting if you are providing the impression of being uncomfortable. Similarly, when you find yourself surrounded by your boss and colleagues, you will want to represent your best self through your personal style. Your unique personal style will be represented through the cufflinks you wear, the tie and shirt you choose to match your suit. For a fitted suit, the best quality fabric is either wool, silk, mohair, flannel, cashmere and tweed. Manuela Lusso’s made to measure tailoring service provides the perfect all year round attire, all in central London or at a mutually agreed location. Manuela Lusso takes pride in creating high end bespoke items. Every step in the process has been designed to create bespoke items, you are proud to wear with confidence.

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